West Coast Recess

We are lucky to live in a relatively moderate climate. However, some days will be wet and some days will be cold. What matters is that we all learn to dress appropriately for outdoor activities no matter the weather.

Outdoor play is valuable and fresh air is healthy. Our students have two opportunities daily to be outside (recess and lunch) as well as times planned by teachers throughout the week. We believe in outdoor play and education and encourage students to enjoy their environment.

Encourage your children (and feel free to join in!) to play in the rain and snow as much can be learned. Jump in puddles and observe the splash and ripples. Why do rocks and stones look so much more interesting when they are wet? How can water be made to flow from one puddle to another? What kind of mud makes the best mud pancakes?

At school, students will go outside every day at recess no matter the weather as it is a short time. At lunch, a decision will be made by the Principal to keep students inside if the weather becomes inclement.

As we approach the rainy, cold season your child is encouraged to have:

Rain Snow
Waterproof hat Toque that covers ears
Waterproof jacket Heavy jacket for warmth
Waterproof pants Snow Pants
Finger-less gloves (keeps hands warm and fingers out for playing) Insulated gloves or mittens suitable for handling snow
Waterproof boots Snow boots

Do not fall prey to the myth that a cold can be caught or prolonged by going outside in the rain or cold. This is simply not true. Besides, if you are dressed appropriately you will be toasty warm and dry!