School News

From the Principal,

I want to thank the Sperling school community for being so welcoming. The transition to a new school brings with it so many opportunities to learn. There are new people, new routines, new ideas and new expectations. I welcome this chance for growth.

I am excited to join Sperling’s dedicated and dynamic staff. There is so much happening here to be proud of. I look forward to meeting the PAC and learning about their vision to strengthen the learning opportunities for our students. Most importantly, I am keen to meet the students and hearing from them what makes Sperling an excellent place to learn.

Being new also allows me to be a catalyst for reflection and evaluation. Please know that my door is always open should you wish to discuss any questions, concerns, celebrations or if you simply want to pop in, introduce yourself and say hi.


Here’s to a great year of learning,

Dave MacLean – Principal

École Sperling Elementary School